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TrustCloud Certified Email

Branddocs TrustCloud Certified Email: immediate and with probative value

The Branddocs TrustCloud Certified Email consists of sending relevant information via an e-mail message and receiving a certificate of its contents, of the sending and of the delivery to the addressee.

To do so, the date and time of sending are recorded, plus the e-mail of the sender and of the receiver.

With the same legal and probative value as a Burofax or registered letter, certified e-mail has probative value in a court of law,.

Branddocs certifies the communication between the company and the customer, confirming the contents, the sending and delivery of the message and the recipient's response.

In addition, the Certification Authority includes its Digital Timestamp.

As a result, a PDF document is generated with a certified electronic signature as an acknowledgement of receipt, which meets all the technical and legal requirements set by current legislation concerning digital certificates and electronic identification.
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