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Integral Trusted Solutions Provider

Branddocs is the only Integral Trusted Soluions Provider with an eIDAS Solutions Trusted Cloud (Branddocs TrustCloud) covering all aspects related to identity, electronic signing and custody worldwide.

Regardless of your country, we can offer you an integral trusted solution as a service (Software as a Service - SaaS) minimizing the costs of access to our technology. With Branddocs TrustCloud we can resolve any matter relating to the identification, signature and qualified custody of your digital transactions.

Companies of all sizes and in every industry already trust us to carry out any identification, electronic signature and custody project.

Contact us and let us explain how we can become your technology partner to implement a solution that meets the standards for digital transactions in Europe, USA and Latin America.

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Contact us and let us explain how we can become your technology partner in Trusted Services

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Branddocs’s history

The company was founded in 2008, and after several million dollars of investment in R&D, Branddocs Inc. was born.

Our platform emerged from the efforts of a team of IT engineers and architects specialized in digital identity, signature and custody.

With offices in New York, Mexico City, Barcelona and Madrid (Europe), Branddocs is currently the leader and only provider that can offer you a single Trusted Solutions Cloud (Branddocs TrustCloud) to solve the issues of the identification, signature and custody of digital transactions for companies worldwide.

Contact us by phone or e-mail and let us explain how we can solve any aspect regarding Trusted Solutions in your company and country.
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