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TrustCloud Custody

Access your document files electronically signed or sealed by any provider of esignatures or trusted services. Share them, manage them and reseal them as often as you need to maintain their guarantee of proof as long as necessary.

The Branddocs TrustCloud Custody solution will allow you to store documents digitally signed and resealed as often as your company needs without having to worry about anything.

Electronic Notary

We can deposit your documents or any type of notifications notarized electronically to increase the burden of proof of those communications that require it. Our electronic notaries specialized in this type of service, will keep electronic evidence related to your communications with the assiduity that your company needs, protocolising batch or individual documents.


Lastly, the Branddocs TrustCloud Custody solution will also enable the exchange of documents between all users, access to any document or information issued by your corporation and also electronically sign or stamp it from our platform with any electronic signature solution.

The Branddocs TrustCloud Custody module is therefore a Digital Corporate Mailbox for documents or portal with a capacity for signing, resealing and notarial depositing, is built into box.com as standard, and can be integrated with any other digital storage solution (such as Dropbox or Google Drive).
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