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Digital Transaction Management - DTM

Access the digital future

Digital transaction management (DTM) has emerged as a new category of cloud services designed to digitally manage document-based transactions and provide trusted third party electronic identification.

DTM removes the friction inherent in transactions that involve people, documents, and data, in order to create processes that are faster, easier, more convenient and more secure.
Organizations entering the digital future can accelerate the implementation of their transactional processes, reduce operating costs, reduce errors and deliver a superior customer experience.

By maintaining the digital format, these companies avoid the traditional obstacles of lack of identification of the people involved, the loss or disappearance of data and documents, interruptions in processes and lack of visibility in the workflow.

Backed by the xDTM standard

Falling as they do under the purview of an independent governing board made up of experts in the matter and leaders in their respective industries, DTM providers must adhere to a strict global security standard for cloud-based Digital Transaction Management, xDTM.

The xDTM standard protects organizations and consumers and allows them to conduct business securely on line – with specific and measurable thresholds for availability, security, privacy and other critical elements.

The goal of the xDTM standard is to ensure that everyone feels completely confident when it comes to carrying out transactions in this new 100% digital era.

For further information visit www.xDTM.org

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