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Docusign DTM - ROI

DocuSign offers customers outstanding returns on investment, while improving the user experience and guarantees absolute security and legality in their transactions.

DocuSign's devotion to customer success is demonstrated by the complete alignment of its resources and services to provide them with the best solution. This commitment extends from confirming the technical adjustment of the DTM DocuSign platform to determining the most appropriate economic match associated with the customer's investment in the platform.
DocuSign ensures that the solution meets financial targets by working with IntelliCap to measure and predict the value of the DocuSign platform.

IntelliCap has gained deep insight of DocuSign's value based elements from on hundreds of use cases and thousands of data points with customers and prospects. Examples of such benefits are included in the following:
  • The average value per document is $22.18 (compared to an average of between $5 and $100 per document depending on the usage case).
  • DocuSign provides significant benefits as a result of savings, improvements in productivity and earnings with each transaction.
  • An ROI - Return On Investment - of over 300% on average:
  • DocuSign provides value above and beyond cost, immediately justifying the investment.
  • Reducing TAT - Turn Around Time - by 13.5 days or 97%.
  • DocuSign improves the speed of transactions, making it go from days to minutes.
  • Reducing NIGO - Not In Good Order -from 27.5% to 5.1% i.e. by 81.6%.
  • DocuSign eliminates errors in transactions and the loss of documents.
  • It improves productivity by more than 61%.
  • DocuSign saves time and speeds up efficiency in key business processes.
DocuSign's mobile app is the most flexible and secure way of signing documents, requesting signatures and managing transactions from anywhere and at any time - from your mobile device. Upgrade your app today to enjoy the new features for iOS8.
Average value add per document
Average ROI
Reduced delivery time
Reduction in erroneous documents
Reduction in paper
Improvements in productivity
97% (from 13.5 days to seconds)
Study carried out by IntelliCAP: Measuring the ROI Impact of DocuSign: https://www.docusign.com.au/whitepapers/measuring-the-roi-impact-of-docusign.
* Average of case studies conducted by customers.

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