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The eSignature

The Branddocs TrustCloud eSignature is a solution than can be integrated with the existing information systems in your company and that will adapt to any interface and workflow, fulfilling the flexibility needs of your business processes.

Both in B2B and B2C situations, and with all the requirements of security and legal validity, Branddocs TrustCloud eSignature solution will adapt to your company's environment, platform and requirements.

With Branddocs TrustCloud eSignature document signing will be simplified.

Advantages of Branddocs TrustCloud eSignature

eFirma Improves sales processes.
eFirma Increases the productivity of sales teams.
eFirma Provides personalized access to different departments.
eFirma Promotes a modern and flexible corporate image.

Why Branddocs TrustCloud eSignature?

  • A Qualified Trusted Third Party. Strengthened authentication before signing; the private key is shared with the signer.
  • Easy integration with existing information systems.
  • What you see is what you sign: the document is presented by the trusted third party and it only validates what it sees.
  • Instant signatures. Signatures are in the cloud - no need to download software. Signing can be done using various devices - laptop, tablet, smartphone.
  • Files are checked thoroughly. Branddocs TrustCloud eSignature offers smart files that make it easy to manage the stored documents.
  • File delay: this can be applied during a client's trial or reflection period depending on the operation.
  • Multiple files: the most common cases are an insurance that is insured by various parties.
  • Secure and permanent access for verification: you will always have prompt access to the documents stored for later use.

More advantages of Branddocs TrustCloud eSignature:



Branddocs TrustCloud eSignature is one of the world's most far-reaching solutions.
It is easy to integrate

It is easy to integrate

A flexible service that is easy to integrate thanks to its on on-the-fly mode for certificate creation. The signer does not need to download software or install hardware. He or she can simply access the document and sign on-the-fly. The certificate is created by the cloud and signed in it.


The solution can be used in person, from a laptop, smartphone or tablet, and in roaming mode.
Industrial Capacity

Industrial Capacity

With a capacity of more than 300,000 signatures a day and 10 signatures every second, the industrial platform is capable of handling massive volumes.
Legal Compliance

Legal Compliance

Branddocs offers the leading solution that meets all the requirements of a tested framework, and complies with the strictest standards.
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