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Ethics Code

“No group can act effectively if the concert is missing; No group can act in concert if confidence is lacking; No group can act with confidence unless it is bound by common opinions, common affections, common interests”

Edmund Burke

Our Corporate Values

We create products and services that help our clients carry out digital transactions with full confidence, putting at their disposition the leading and latest generation technology, always taking into account the needs and the rights of each individual.With each step we take, we strive for the highest satisfaction of our clients with the aim of reaching the highest satisfaction of our collaborators and users, as well as the sharing their reviews with other potentials clients and partners.

Thus, all of our activity is based on strict and scrupulous compliance of the regulations that apply, attempting to share with our users the offer of high quality products and services, maximum accessibility and the lowest cost that we can arrange, with a deep commitment to respecting human rights and environmental sustainability, with the goal of providing and ethical and transparent service. We are responsible before society in all of our actions.

Thus, the Code of Conduct is established in line with this philosophy, the same applies for any user or client that is interested in its content, which is based on the elements indicated below:

Respect, Dignity and Equality

Human Rights and Freedom
It will be obligatory compliance to respect human rights and civil liberties. Branddocs commits to protecting and promoting the values and principles outlined in the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and the main agreements and international treaties promulgated to this regard.

Conflicts of Interest
Branddocs’ priority is to always act according to the principles of honesty and transparency. As such, every person that collaborates with the development of our activity commits to promoting and avoiding any situation that could suppose a conflict of interest for the company and its users, basing it on the loyalty to Branddocs before third parties and avoiding prejudice before competitors or benefits strictly of a personal nature.

Protection and use of Assests and Resources
Branddocs is committed to protecting our assets, tangible and intangible, and we ought to exert ourselves to guarantee that none of our assets are stolen, damaged, used or destroyed in an inappropriate manner. As well as preventing their use for non-professional means or ends.

Treatment of Information

Branddocs considers integrity, honesty and transparency as quintessential premises that ought to guide all corporate activities of staff and collaborators. In this sense, it’s guaranteed that the information whether internal or external is communicated to all the relevant interest groups with which Branddocs interacts, avoiding the facilitation of data or incompleteness that could be perceived as deceitful by the recipient.

Protection of Personal Data
Branddocs is committed to treating personal data at all times with absolute confidentiality and according to the applicable regulations, adopting the means necessary to guarantee the security of the data related to our clients, providers, employees, institutions, and any other figure individual or collective of which it has information, preventing its alteration, loss, unauthorized treatment or access, while being conscious of the risks derived from inappropriate use.

Confidential Information
Branddocs develops its own information security policy with the ends of preserving the integrity and confidentiality of it, to reduce as much as possible the risks that entail the divulgation or inappropriate use.
Treatment of Information

Interest Groups Relations

Client Relationships
Branddocs is committed to offering all of its clients a high standard of excellence, quality, health and security in its products, and to communicate with them clearly and transparently. The products and services of the company will always be created ethically and responsibly. Staff will act with integrity with company clients promoting that the provision of products and services be based on trust and mutual respect.

Partner and Provider Relations
The goal of Branddocs will be to extend its commitment with partners, providers and contractors to establish commercial cooperative relationships that are stable and long lasting, based on honesty, transparency and trust that reduces risk in the vulnerability of human and social rights, assuring the compliance of regulations related to ethical conduct, as well as reducing the carbon footprint of the firm.

Competitor Relations
Competition with other companies should be fair, whose base is the search of differentiation for the benefit of its clients, avoiding bad practices and always in compliance with the current applicable legislation.

Código Ético

Legal Commitment
In Branddocs culture it’s a priority and inexcusable to comply with legal and internal norms that are applicable. In this aspect, all behaviour should be avoided that although not in violation of the law, can harm the reputation of the Organization and negatively affect its interests. All of the staff need to know the laws that affect their jobs, requesting in the event that is necessary, precise information from a supervisor.

Gifts and the Fight Against Bribery and Corruption
Branddocs’ professionals will not be able to receive nor offer, directly or indirectly, gifts, gestures or any other type of favour while realizing their professional tasks, which due to their quantity could potentially be constituted as a conflict of interest that would affect the objectivity and freedom of their professional activities. Branddocs does not tolerate any form of bribery or corruption and it complies with all the laws and norms to this regard.

Donations and Social Projects
Branddocs contributes to the development of communities with its activities and its strategy of social responsibility, and actively working towards its development through donations, social and cultural projects.
Code of Ethics
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