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Collect and custody informed consent forms

Allows you to manage all the collected informed consent forms from any channel (web, contact centre, TPV…) and manage them in real time.
Quickly and with complete security update consent of current clients in your databases through our solution.
update consent
Respond quickly to the requests of your customers and employees to exercise their ARCO rights.

Protect and store personal data

Create a group of secure and accessible personal data according to GDPR.
Store personal date through our qualified custody as Trusted Third Party and quickly and easily recover personal data when necessary.

Conduct data cleansing to avoid duplicity, correct and normalize personal data applying an email, mobile and address checker.

Connect and improve your client experience

Improve the experience of your clients with frictionless authenticated communication channels.

Protect your clients and organizations against fraud.

Receive and update in real time the execution of your clients’ ARCO rights. Through the management platform, from channels such as an App or Web, clients can manage at all times their data and consent previously provided.

Manage portability rights quickly and in just a few steps.
Connect and improve your client experience

Main benefits

Accreditation of compliance with GDPR and the new LOPD for new and existing clients.
Consultation by our team of experts to accredit compliance with the regulation.
Comunicación Omnicanal
Omni channel communication for both digital (email, SMS, web) and physical (call centre, TPV, postal).
Alto nivel de Evidencia
Certified evidence thanks to the Trusted Third Party that is external and custodies the documentation for a minimum of 5 years.
Plug and Play
Plug & Play solution: easy to integrate quickly and with ample flexibility.
Fully scalable in volume, channels, users, etc. to adapt to all of your needs.
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