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Jumio Netverify realizes automatic documentation capture, with autofocus, lighting and any other parameter deemed appropriate for optimal performance. The identification is checked against the unique characteristics of the document such as holograms, microprints, image dots, source, signature…through OCR.

It is able to recognize any type of documentation: passports, identification documents, drivers’ licenses.
Liveness detection: Facematch prevents fraud attempts through liveness detection to ensure that the selfie taken was in fact that of a real person and it analyses it through the latest generation patented technology the user’s image to contrast it with the document previously collected.

Jumio Netverify allows the automatization of manual processes speeding up transactions and eliminating operational costs of a manual identification verification.
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Jumio Netverify has the highest KPIs in the industry for precision. More than 100k transactions a day and with an average of less than 10 errors. (0,0001%). Likewise, 80% of the verifications are carried out in less than 120 seconds and 50% in less than 60 seconds. Jumio adds its SLA to agreements and it is responsible for the processing times. The SLA includes the Facematch function.
Provide your clients with an agile, simple and intuitive solution that identifies in a few minutes. Increase customer satisfaction by avoiding long queues and providing a system that is not intrusive and controlled by them throughout the entire process.

Receive in real time and in any format (via the Client Portal) all the information collected and the final report automatically and with the maximum encryption (AES 256).
Client Portal
Client Portal

Verification of documents. List of Countries

Download the complete list of documents that can be verified by each country. We work continuously to expand the list of available documents.
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