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High users

Onboarding new users: Everyday users are in search of systems with minimal interruptions, saving time and registration steps. To reduce the abandonment rate and meet all the legal requirements, Jumio´s technology allows for fast and secure identification in just a few minutes.
"The combination of Jumio’s ID document authentication and facial comparison supports speedy account opening for our customers, and make for a better and faster customer experience."
Ismail Ahmed, CEO de WorldRemit
Tailored to Your Business

Tailored to Your Business

With our fully enabled SDK & API, Jumio is made to be tailored to you and your customers needs.
Sleek User Interface

Sleek User Interface

Jumio reduces abandonment by providing an engaging, responsive experience on desktop, mobile, and web.
Fast, Accurate Verification

Fast, Accurate Verification

Achieve seamless customer conversions with accurate verification that occurs in real-time, with a definitive yes or no answer.

Identity verification WeWork

Know your customer: knowledge based authentication creates delays and frustration for users and in many cases they do not remember the answers. Wework by replacing this method drastically reduced their abandonment rate.
“We attained what seemed like an impossible idea to automate the identity verification process, thanks to Jumio.”
Nick Mourgue, Product Manager, WeWork
More Robust Security

More Robust Security

Jumio provides a more secure alternative to KBA by requiring the user to validate their identity with valid credentials that are compared with a selfie in real-time.
No más respuestas olvidadas

No More Forgotten Answers

As many as 20% of users forget the answers to KBA questions which adds frustration, friction, and delay. Stop relying on your user’s memory and start relying on the one device that’s always within reach—their smartphone —to establish and prove their online identity.


As more security standards take an increasingly dim view of KBA, compliance mandates will presumably follow suit. Get ahead of the curve and meet KYA, AML and other emerging requirements.

High risk transactions

Fraud detection: Risk of fraud is increasingly a concern in the digital world. Thus everyday solutions are required to help ensure the identity of the user that operate. Gambling and online games are only an example of the need to ensure the identity of users to avoid account acquisition and online fraud.
“We had three main requirements from Jumio. Keep the fraudsters out, let the legitimate players in, and keep us compliant in all of our territories. All of these requirements have been met and we are pleased to be able to offer a secure onboarding experience which is significantly swifter than we offered previously."
Russell Medley, Director de fraude y gestión de riesgos en 888.com
Prevent Account Takeover and Online Fraud

Prevent Account Takeover and Online Fraud

When password credentials can be easily guessed or purchased on the black market, cyber criminals can access a user’s account and penetrate other online accounts to maximize their return. Jumio can help secure these accounts are secure with more robust, reliable verification.
3 Layers of Authentication

3 Layers of Authentication

Jumio offers three layers of verification and authentication. It starts with ID verification where we scan and verify IDs. You can add Identity Verification that uses Face Match to confirm the identity of your customers and Document Verification to easily scan utility bills from their phone.
Detener a los defraudadores

Deter Fraudsters

Because Jumio is the global leader in identity verification, it has amassed a massive database of fraudulent transactions and IDs that enable us to better detect fraudsters and spot trends on a macro level.

Verificación de usuarios

High risk transactions: Verifying identity in high risk transactions or those that can imply an important loss of information or money is key.
Ensuring the identity of the person that is carrying out the transaction is now an obligation.
"Online remitters are increasingly being regulated to verify customer identity and prevent money laundering and fraud. The smarter ones are those using compliance tools such as Jumio as a differentiator to deliver a better slicker customer experience."
Veronica Studsgaard, CEO de International Association of Money Transfer Networks
Age Verification

Age Verification

Getting a real time response with a definitive yes or no answer ensures a better user experience while streamlining the age verification process.
Omnichannel Support

Omnichannel Support

Consumers expect anywhere, anytime access to their favorite apps and sites.
That's why it's imperative for identity verification solutions to have the flexibility to seamlessly integrate with a wide variety of implementation types including apps (iOS and Android), desktops (via webcams), APIs, and SMS.
Identidad verdadera: similitud vs fraude

True Identity: Similarity vs Fraud

A true verification of identity is checking not just for similarity, where images just look the same. Fraudsters have been known to crop a piece of an image or ID to manipulate verifications. Biometric Facial Recognition with Eyeball Tracking ensures an individual verifying their ID is the same the Identity holding the identification. This verification of checking similarity vs fraud is the Jumio difference.
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