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Legal Aspects


“With electronic signatures, not only are we staying out of court, but our customers are more loyal and happier with the process.” Frank Zacherl, socio de Shutts & Bowen LLP

“Judges like the simplicity of electronic signatures ... We’re seeing significant judicial support and even enthusiasm for electronic signatures.” David Whitaker, consejero en BuckleySandler

Strongest legal protection

OneSpan offers the strongest legal protection for electronic records, signatures and transactions. It provides the most comprehensive, secure, accessible and reliable evidence for business.

OneSpan has helped a leading auto insurance company avoid more than a million disputes with clients that might otherwise have ended up in court.
Strongest legal protection

Legal security of documents

Document security is ironclad with OneSpan. Any modifications made to an electronically signed document, however small, will invalidate the signatures.

eSignlive protects the records with:
  • Electronic signatures are applied at each signature location creating a reliable audit trail of who signed, in what order, at what time, and in what locations.
  • One-click signature and document verification ensures that errors, fake signatures and altered documents are easily detected.

Embedded audit trails

OneSpan’s electronic signatures AND audit trail are embedded in the document and travel everywhere seamlessly, together with the record.
  • Audit trail and signatures are securely embedded in the document – no need to manage documents, signatures and evidence separately.
  • It lets you check the electronically-signed document and access the audit trail, without having to go to a specific website.
  • It can store digitally-signed documents in the company designated system, in accordance with the retention policies of the organization, or in the OneSpan servers.
Embedded audit trails

What's in the Active Audit?

Web The actual web pages and documents that are displayed
Time How long signatories have spent on each page
actions Signatory actions in the browser
Ip The signatory IP address
Emails Emails sent

Active audit trail

When legal disputes arise involving electronic transactions, the best possible evidence is key and that includes being able to prove that the process used to capture a signature was fair, and compliant with standards.

OneSpan records the entire document review and signing process from start to finish, including the active audit trail, which represents a unique capability in the marketplace.


OneSpan strengthens the company’s legal and compliance position by capturing and producing stronger evidence than what is possible with pen and paper. It assists in:
  • Staying out of court – avoid the legal expense and effort involved when disputes go to court.
  • Reducing the cost and effort of gathering evidence to defend transactions.
  • Making evidence easily accessible for staff compliance and auditors.
  • Reducing the cost of demonstrating compliance.
  • Avoiding fines related to non-compliance.
  • Protecting the company's brand and reputation.


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