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Efficiency 42%
42% of organizations are using video in talent acquisition.
Video interviews and recruiting has become more and more popular as enterprises and small businesses try to make the hiring process more efficient.
  • Decrease cost per hire
  • Screen candidates faster
  • Record and share video interviews for further review

Video Conferencing Support For Financial Institutions Use Case

It’s a great time for a virtualization enterprise and with Q3 numbers showing massive growth the executive team wants to capitalize on the momentum and finish the year on a high note. To do so, John, VP of Global Enterprise Sales, believes that they need at least 250 more sales representatives within their regional call centers.

John gathers his four call center directors and lets them know that they will be planning a massive recruitment drive for each of their locations. To save time and improve efficiency, Mark, one of the call center directors, recommends using video interviews for the first round of candidates.

At this crucial stage of the recruiting process, video interviews allow HR managers to filter candidates and record recruiting sessions so that video interviews can be replayed for further evaluation between staff.

With over 900 candidates, Mark received a report from his HR manager that covered the results of the first recruitment drive. With interviews ranging from 10 minutes to 60 minutes, Mark can tell that his HR staff was able to provision candidates more efficiently than and just as effectively as in person interviews. The company hired 231 new highly qualified sales representatives and the entire recruitment process was cut from six weeks to two and a half weeks.
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