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Efficiency 20%
Collaboration tools improve team efficiency by an average of 20%.
Employees tend to get involved in email conversations that halt productivity and slow work pace. Coworkers caught in email conversations can easily initiate a multi-party video conference or one to one video call and collaborate together in real time.
  • Boost employee engagement
  • Increase productivity
  • Save time with real-time communication

Email Collaboration to Video Chat Escalation Use Case

Lucas is working on a design project and he is running out of creativity. He emailed his long-time colleague and fellow designer Alain for some new direction and motivation. Alain replied to the email with some unclear feedback which confused Lucas even more. Instead of starting an email conversation, Lucas decides to click on the video call button that is embedded directly within his email platform and initiates a video call with Alain.

Alain is able to easily join the video call and provide more clear direction. He is even able to use the SightCall screen sharing option to show Lucas some of the styles and textures he was trying to describe in his email.

During the video call, Lucas was inspired and whipped up a new design in minutes. Lucas sent the file over the SightCall platform for immediate feedback from Alain. The new design was a step in the right direction and Lucas was able to find the stimulation to complete the project before the deadline.
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