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1.5 million
More than 1.5 million patients received services from hospice each year.
Hospice care is enabling aging family members to retain their dignity and giving them the ability to capture their wishes. It also allows the elderly to interact in conversations with care givers and family members wherever they are (e.g. mobile) while restricted to the facility.
  • Sessions occur when/where convenient
  • Care provided at the height of need
  • Video increases doctor’s billable hours

Hospice Telemedicine Use Case

Hector lives peacefully in a nursing home in Palm Springs and he just had one of his regularly scheduled physicals. The results from the blood tests are in and the doctor wants to share the good news through a video conference with both Hector and his son Gustavo.

Hector, with the help of one of the nursing home staff, logs into the hospital’s online system through a desktop computer in his facility. Gus, on a business trip, logs into the same online system from his mobile device.

Now Hector, Gustavo and the doctor are all on a multi-party video conference discussing the latest good news from the results of Hector’s physical.

The doctor wants to show Hector and Gus a data chart that outlines Hector’s progress over the past six months. Using the SightCall screen sharing option, Hector and Gustavo can easily view and comprehend the data right from the doctor’s computer. Data that might be hard to understand without a visual aid is explained with ease. All data being passed through the SightCall screen share is encrypted to ensure security and privacy.
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