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33% of returning
33% of returning troops suffer from PTSD.
Psychiatrists are able to conduct patient appointments using video calling without requiring the patient or group to travel to the psychiatrist’s office.

In special circumstances Telemedicine allows the psychiatrist to avoid travel to the location of the patient in the event the patient is institutionalized or unable to travel.
  • Group sessions occur when/where convenient
  • Keep notes on each individual without leaving video session
  • Video increases therapist billable hours

Live Video Technical App Troubleshooting Support Use Case

Isabel is a brave soldier who served her country in the Middle East. Like thousands of other soldiers, Isabel suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). To cope with PTSD, Isabel regularly attends a Telehealth focused video group therapy session with other soldiers and doctors. This multi-party video therapy session consists of six veterans from around the country and a therapist located in Washington, D.C.

To get started Isabel checks her email for a link to the hospital’s online platform. Once she logs in she is automatically directed to the multi-party video conferencing screen where she can start casually chatting with the other members until the therapist starts the session.

The therapist wanted to get this week’s conversation started by showing the group some imagery using the SightCall screen sharing option. Once the group starts the discussion the therapist uses the built-in note taking tool to easily jot down all the important talking points from the session.
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