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Collaboration tools improve team efficiency by an average of 20%.
When in the field, service reps use the back camera on smartphones or tablets to contact experts located at headquarters to get help on troubleshooting devices and equipment while out on the job, eliminating the need to send a specialist to a remote location.
  • Reduce service downtime
  • Decrease operational costs
  • Improve CS index

Field Service Video Calling Use Case

Michael has been installing home security systems for over a decade. He recently started at a new installation company where he is still learning the ins and outs of the new security system. The house that Michael is servicing today is three stories with a detached garage and poolside recreation room. All three buildings on the property will need to be secured by the new home security system.

Just like the other setups, Michael starts provisioning the house for entry points and other areas of access. About 30 minutes into the installation, Michael came across a problem when trying to connect the two detached buildings with the main monitoring system. Instead of trying to troubleshoot it himself, which could have taken him another hour, Michael used his company issued tablet to make a video call. First, he navigated through the company’s app, past the customer information and found the video support button. He initiated a video support call back to headquarters so that a more specialized technician could expedite the troubleshooting process.

Michael used the rear camera of the tablet to show the other technician the problem he ran into. Within 10 minutes, the two had come up with a solution. The installation was completed and the customer was satisfied.
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