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Uses Cases · Telepsychiatry Individual Session

Did you know that over 80% of individuals affected by depression do not receive any treatment?
Psychiatrists are able to conduct patient appointments using video calling without requiring the patient or group to travel to the psychiatrist’s office. In special circumstances Telemedicine allows the psychiatrist to avoid travel to the location of the patient in the event the patient is institutionalized or unable to travel.
  • Sessions occur when/where convenient
  • Care provided at the height of need
  • Video increases therapist billable hours

Individual Telepsychiatry Therapy Session Use Case

During a twelve week interpersonal therapy (IPT) course, Gary, who has been suffering from Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) for the last eight months, has regularly scheduled therapy sessions each week. This week was different as Gary’s depressive symptoms showed at work after his boss humiliated him in front of the entire office. Later that evening Gary desperately needed to speak with his psychiatrist about the incident.

Knowing the severity of the situation the psychiatrist gave Gary access to her clinic’s online system where the two spoke through a video call. Video really helped facilitate this therapy session because the psychiatrist was able to read Gary’s body language. Being able to communicate with his therapist face-to-face was extremely helpful for Gary as well. His anxiety wore off and he became calm much faster than in prior voice only sessions.
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